22 trees and counting! 🌱

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22 trees and counting! Our tree-planting project with Ghanaian NGO company Denyigba Lorlor has been picking up momentum recently — for every African drum we sell here at the store, we organise the planting and nurturing of a new hardwood tree in Ghana. Our partnership with Denyigba is focused on forest regeneration and we’re so thrilled to see that our little project is going so well.

On May 1, the whole community of Denyigba united and planted trees together — witnessing a beautiful collaboration of villagers, young and old. Denyigba Lorlor also works with Dream Big Ghana, a similar minded NGO focused on improving sanitation and education in Ghana.


Earth Day – April 22nd 2019 🌍

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Keeping in line with Earth Day and our ongoing sustainability initiative, we’ve partnered with two different tree planting initiatives in Ghana and Indonesia.

In Ghana, our joint venture with registered NGO Denyigba Lorlor involves reforesting hardwood mahogany: for every African drum we sell, we plant and nurture a new hardwood tree.

Our Indonesia partnership is with the East-Java Plant a Tree Program: 5% of revenues from our Indo djembes will be donated to this foundation.


A drum for life 😊

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Linda is brand new to drumming. She has been looking to push and challenge herself so she dropped into our shop and purchased this gorgeous Lenke djembe from Guinea (with a special floating rubber bass). She loves what drumming does for her brain. Happy drumming Linda!

Our full range of djembes can be viewed here

March newsie with Simon 📰

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NZ drum & dance camp, Womad & more… Simon discusses African Drumming’s upcoming news & events direct from AD HQ.

                                                                                                                     Event dates below 😃

Womadelaide – March 8th – 11th 2019

Dunu Teke last summer show – March 15th 2019

Dunun workshop series (with Laura Kirkwood) – March 24th, 31st & April 4th 2019

Tribalism – April 5th 2019

Drum making workshop – May 11th 2019

Bali drum camp – May 19th – 29th 2019

NZ drum & dance camp – October 25th – 28th 2019

A successful road trip 🚗

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Narelle came all the way from NSW on recommendation from her drum circle group and teacher, braving the Melbourne heat to pick out a drum to suit her. She ended up choosing a beautiful second grade djembe from Ghana. Thanks Narelle!

Our second grade djembes can be viewed here

Big bass Bucky gets a home 🏠

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Hans popped into the shop recently and walked away with “Bucky” – this beautiful 15.5″ heartwood Lenke djembe from Guinea …we put a nice medium Malian goat skin on Bucky and he sure has some BASS frequency. It’s Han’s first drum and he is PUMPED! 😄

Our full range of djembes can be found here

From Darbuka to Djembe 😊

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New friend to AD, Adam picked up a monster 15.5″ Master series Guinea lenke djembe last week. Originally a darbuka player, he wanted a drum with sharp slaps and a big bass. The master series are our top line djembes, boasting immaculate, faultless shells, pure tonal range and formidable projection. Check them out here. 

Musical Mondays – Tongue Drum 🎵

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A new weekly series showcasing a different instrument available in-store and online 🎵

This week: Mike and Franky play the tongue drum – a small acoustic drum (also known as a contemporary West African log drum). Easy for anyone to play this drum produces a warm melodic sound.