Schools & Teacher Training


School and Kinder Workshops Our drum and dance workshops are an engaging and memorable introduction to West African musical culture that lets kids share in a creative and positive experience

What we offer in our sessions
An inclusive and engaging experience, intended to stimulate and interest young minds. We usually deliver a mix of drumming, dancing and singing but we’re always adaptable and can change it up to your specifications.
The Benefits of Drumming for Young Children
– Increases motor skill and coordination
– Improves listening and cooperative skills
– Encourages inclusiveness and sharing
– Evokes creativity and imagination
– Celebrates cultural diversity
A cultural experience
Our education in cultural awareness happens every day, but a purposeful hands-on experience that truly engages young ones is special. Our facilitators come dressed in traditional clothing and keen to introduce kids to West African culture.
Teacher Training Course
Australia & New Zealand with fantastic results.The Course gives you the road-ready skills and resources you need to run successful drumming sessions.
 Benefits & Bookings The benefits of drumming aren’t just a hunch. The body of research and quantifiable data has boomed in the last 10 years, spurred on by the djembe’s growing popularity across the world