The handpan is a mysterious instrument, distantly related to the steelpan of Trinidad and Tobago, but inspired in sound by the Hang drum of Switzerland. Played by hand, rather than sticks or mallets, it has a rich, intimate sound, full of emotion. There is no specific technique or style in the art of playing a handpan. A player with patience and an open mind will be rewarded with deep layers of complexity to explore. We have two handpan models in our range, the Master Series and the Primo Series. Each come with several different tunings, and you can watch them all in video action.
Our Master Series handpans are made from a grade one steel composite with nitrated coating. Notes are clear, bright and contained offering pure resonance and pitch. The Primo Series handpans and made from a slightly lighter weight alloy, with nitrate coating. Notes are more expansive and sustained.
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