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seedpod chimes
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Seedpod Chime

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The Kenari seed pods are suspended within a timber frame to create this beautiful chime. The Seedpod chime produces delicate, earthy tones, creating a tranquil and meditative soundscape. As this chime gently sways in the breeze, it releases soothing notes, making it perfect for sound healing practices, meditation, and relaxation.

Country of origin: Indonesia.
Materials: Kenari pods and timber.
Approximate Dimensions (L x H):  45 cm x 35 cm (as this is a natural product, sizes vary)

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Available on backorder

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More Details

Derived from the Canarium tree native to Africa, these seed pods have long held cultural significance.
In African traditions, they symbolize unity, strength, and the interconnectedness of communities.
Our Seedpod Chimes pay homage to this cultural heritage, bringing a touch of African authenticity to your space.

Carefully crafted, each chime is a fusion of artistry, tradition, and the therapeutic power of sound. 

Can the seedpod chime be used for Sound healing purposes?
Beyond its cultural roots, the chime serves a dual purpose, not only as a decorative element but also as a conduit for sound healing wellness. The gentle, melodic tones produced by the chime create a serene ambiance, fostering relaxation and mindfulness. They provide a therapeutic experience as the soothing vibrations resonate, promoting a sense of calm and balance in your surroundings.

Do you have other seedpod instruments?
Yes! Our Seedpod Rattle produces a cascade of rain-like notes, making it perfect for sound healing and relaxation.

Do you have other sound haling instruments?
We offer a huge range of sound healing instruments, including singing bowls, gongs, steel tongue drums, bells and more.
View more sound healing instruments here.



We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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