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Finding Harmony Within

By October 18, 2023Blog
drumming wellness

Finding harmony within can often be a challenge for us.

Along comes the humble djembe, an ancient drum that transcends cultural boundaries, giving us the key to unlocking a powerful
from of self-expression through wellness.

Djembe has the ability to tap into our primal instinct which leads us to a cascade of physical, mental and emotional clarity and balance.

Physical benefits of playing the djembe range from improved cardiovascular health, increasing circulation, improved hand eye
coordination and refining our fine motor skills. Djembe playing is a proven form of stress release, emotional release,
as engaging in rhythmic patterns allows us to enter a meditative state which in turn promotes mindfulness and wellness in the world within and outside of us. You can read more about the benefits of drumming for wellness here.

Rhythmic wellness is available through private events, school and kinder incursions, team bonding days, and an array of events.

Check out our range of djembes available and have a peek at our wellness range also available through our sister-brand Bashiri.