Take a 6-week cycle and learn to play djembe – no experience needed.

Our friendly online group classes for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels
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Online Djembe Classes

Classes for Beginner level and Intermediate students.

More Online Classes

Advanced and Performance classes. Contact us for more info.

2020 Online Class Cycles

Using Zoom, a free and easy to use software. 
Beginners @6.15pm – 7.45pm
Intermediate: 8pm – 9.30pm

You can join the 1st or 2nd week of a 6 week class cycle to maximise your enjoyment and learning experience. If you miss both the 1st & 2nd week, we recommend joining the following cycle.

Cycle #1 – Join our classes on January 14th or January 21st
Cycle #2 – Join our classes on February 25th or March 3rd
Cycle #3 – Join our classes on April 7th or April 14th
Cycle #4 – Join our classes on May 19th or May 26th
Cycle #5 – Join our classes on June 30th or July 7th
Cycle #6 – Join our classes on August 11th or August 18th
Cycle #7 –  Join our classes on September 22nd or September 29th
Cycle #8 – Join our classes on November 3rd or November 10th

We have classes for every level. Whether you’ve never played an instrument before or you’re already active in the scene, we have a drum class for you. Just about anyone can learn to play the djembe. The learning curve is somewhat different to other instruments – it’s easy to pick up but difficult to master! all of our students receive a student card which provides discount rates on a range of our products.

You can find more about our benefits for our students here.

If you’ve always wanted to drum then come to one of our welcoming classes.


How do I pronounce the word djembe?
Jem-bay ?

What can I expect at my first class?
A friendly teacher and a rhythm or two waiting to be mastered.

Do I need any previous experience or a musical background?
No! The djembe is very easy to learn with a learning curve that favours beginners.

How are your drum classes structured?
Our djembe classes run in 6 week cycles and it’s best to start in the first or second week. After 6 weeks you’ll be a part of your classes ensemble with the chance to perform at Tribalism, our student performance night.

What support does the AD School of Djembe offer to students?
So glad you asked; check out our Student Resources section.

Do I need my own drum for the online class?
Yes. We offer hire drums to all of our students to help your practice.
Student rental fee: $10 per week.

In the highly likely event that you fall in love with your djembe, we can help make it official with our Rent to Own plan. If you decide to buy the drum you’ve been renting, we’ll deduct the amount you’ve paid in hire fees from the total cost of the drum. We’ll keep your credit from the hire for up to 6 weeks after the last class you’ve attended.
Drums from our Second HandIndo series, and Ghana Series, are available for pick up from our St Kilda Studio.

What do I need to set up?
Just download a free version of the Zoom software, make sure your audio and camera are set up, and you’re good to go.

Can I play bongos/congas/a different drum?
Our classes are for djembes; sorry, other drums aren’t suitable.

What age-group are the classes suitable for?