Our ensembles will bring the fun and energetic spirit of West Africa to your event.

We’re flexible in our approach and can tailor an entertainment package to suit your vision.
Add an interactive dimension and we’ll bring along drums and shakers for your audience to join in!

Afro Big Band


5 – 8 Piece

Offering infectiously groovy dance music and high energy stage shows, this versatile and experienced ensemble performs beautiful, driving percussion that can be formatted to include a dance spectacular. Ideal for big events that demand a high impact performance. Watch the video.

Perfect For

Stage shows, festivals, high profile events.



3 Piece

An ambient African ensemble with lead djembe, bass drums, melodic instruments and song. Their sweet music captures the uplifting spirit of West Africa and is a favourite ensemble when a more nuanced, gentle, and subtle melody is required.

Perfect For

Roving performances, formal functions, smaller events, weddings
Check out one of their performances here on our Youtube channel

Rhythms of Fire


Standard Outfit: 1 fire artist, 2 drummers
Add a spectacular visual element with a fire show choreographed to the energetic rhythms of West Africa. The standard outfit is 1 fire artist with 2 drummers. We can tailor an ensemble to suit your event

Perfect For
High impact events, indoors or outdoors

Sessi Sessi


3 – 10 Piece
The festival, fete and street parade specialists! Sessi are an advanced student ensemble led by seasoned professionals and have performed at many public events. Ideal for non-profit organisations.

Perfect For
Festivals, markets, fetes, community events



2 – 5  Piece
This Drum & Dance Ensemble brings the party music of West Africa! Expect amazing high energy gigs incorporating traditional dance and song.

Perfect For
Roving Performances, Community Events, Large Functions

Marching Mayhem

Marching Mayhem

2 or 15 piece
“Marching Mayhem” is a versatile and unique Roving Marching Band with all the flair and skill to blow away your next event! Our team are all professional percussionists and horn players trained in Marching Band tricks and Choreography.

Our team can deliver all original music or play to existing backing tracks.
We specialise in adapting our team to the script of your event and have several Costuming options available.
Whether you’re looking for a 2 or 15 piece ensemble “Marching Mayhem” has got your event covered.

Perfect For: High Impact Events and Launches.

Tarraba – Drum & Dance

Up to 8 dancers

From the middle east:
Evocative, hypnotic and sensual – Authentic belly dance driven by the pulsating rhythms of the Middle East

Solo and group shows available.

This added interactive element of their show will allow YOUR TEAM to drum and dance along with them.

Perfect for: Roving performances, formal functions, stage shows, festivals,smaller events, weddings.

Viva Afro Brazil

Viv Afro Brazil

4 – 12 piece
Traditional Afro Brazilian Percussion and Dance will bring an authentic South American flavour to your next event!

Rhythm, song and movement all star in our colourful and vibrant show that will get your feet moving and your spirits soaring!
Traditional Dance available on request.

** Add an interactive element to our show so YOUR TEAM can all drum and dance along with us.

Perfect for: Team Building, Roving performances, formal functions, stage shows, festivals, smaller events, weddings.

Kora Ensemble

The beautiful sounds of the kora are perfect for any type of event, whether you are looking for a serene ambiance or energetic rhythms for dancing. When played in traditional styles it can resemble flamenco and delta blues guitar techniques.

Perfect for: Formal functions, stage shows, festivals, parties and weddings.
Here is a sneak peak of the kora magic:

Samba La Mama

Ali's Folder
It’s Carnivale time Ladies and Gentlemen! Samba La Mama combine pulsating live percussion with fully costumed exotic dancers.
It’s a feast for the eyes and ears as we take you to the front row for a high voltage Latin American street Carnival.

Drummers and/or dancers available 

Perfect for: Roving and stage performances, formal functions, festivals and parades, corporate events, weddings.

Previous Events: Cuban Jazz Festival, Johnston St Festival, St Kilda Festival, Rhythm in the Vines Festival, Alumbra and Fabric Nightclubs.

Benkady CrewBenkady Crew

With their roots embedded in traditional West African grooves, Benkady Crew are a passionate ensemble with diverse musical backgrounds and tastes.
The name Benkady originates from Burkina Faso and means “a group without egos.”
Driven by the teachings of their Masters they bring a powerful musical synergy with a contemporary twist.

Perfect for: Roving and stage performances, community functions, fetes & parades

Previous Events: St Kilda festival, Susan Woman’s Fun Run, BRW fun run

Kilele Dance Africa

Ghana: Super Talented and bursting with raw energy, Kilele Africa are Ghana’s hottest Trad ensemble right now

“Kilele” means ‘Welcome’ and these guys are all about sharing their joyous rhythm and dance with you.
Each artist specialises in his trade

Weezy and Ray are two of Ghana’s foremost master drummers with deep knowledge of their traditional music and explosive power on the djembe.

Odai sings like an angel and King MO is the dun engine room

Fred sets flight with his control and athleticism and Arku is renowned as Ghana’s foremost female dancer

PaaNi is the talented youngster of the group pushing and supporting his elders.

Together they are a remarkable synergistic ensemble with over 2 decades of playing music together – in itself a rare achievement.

Burkina Azza Burkina Azza

Burkina: Led by djembefola and multi-instrumentalist Adama Koita and formidable Balafonist Sekou Coulibaly, Burkina Azza is an outstanding collection of world class artists from Djibaso in the north western flank of Burkina.
As family members & Griots born into and bestowed a musical linage, they ooze synchronicity in their playing and evoke the spirit of the traditional ancient Sahel music.

Hugely popular on the European circuit with their shows and workshops, Burkina Azza are based in Ouagadougou and are working towards their second album after the success of their debut Nayerina