Why African Drumming?

♪ We offer special rates for Schools, Kinders, and Community Organisations.

We produce and import our own instruments and accessories, allowing us to offer the most competitive discounts for Schools and community organisations.

Professional advice: We’ll talk over what you’re hoping to achieve and the needs of your classroom, and recommend tailored package options that suit your budget.

♪ We provide tailored quotes and can design a package to suit your specific needs. We’ll choose the most economical shipping option for your location from a variety of freight providers..

Ordering is easy: Tell us what you want and we’ll send it to you with an invoice. Payment can be made after your order is delivered.

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School instruments

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Kinder and school packs

Musical instruments for kinders
Kinder packs

Open up the world of percussion with our curated selection of authentic and durable African instruments designed to inspire budding musicians
From $219 + gst

Primary School packs

Kickstart your drumming journey with our Primary packs. Suited to lower primary levels with a focus on Djembes and hand percussion for any size ensemble.
From $556 + gst

Upper primary school pack
Upper Primary packs

Perfect for upper primary level drummers continuing their percussive journey. A curated blend of djembes and hand percussion for any size ensemble.
From $894 + gst

instrument packs for schools
Secondary School packs

High school level percussion packs to rock the classroom. Teens will love their durable djembe and percussion packs designed for small to large ensemble groups.
From $1343 + gst

Student & Teacher djembes

kids djembe a great first drum for children looking for a musical instrument.
30cm & 40cm djembes

30cm Indo djembes are suitable for ages 2 – 4 years.
The 40cm and 40cm PLUS are designed for ages 4 – 8 years.
The 40cm PLUS has a larger drum head to cater for bigger hands..
From $34 + gst

50cm & and 50cm PLUS djembes

The 50cm Indo is suitable for 10 years and older;
The 50cm PLUS is the same height but with a larger head, offering more surface for bigger hands and suits ages 12 years and older.
From $101 + gst

indo djembes for every age
60cm & 60cm PLUS djembes

The Classic Djembe is our full-sized Indo djembe with voice and range comparable to a larger drum.
Suitable for 14 years old and over, including adults and teachers.
From $157 + gst

ghana djembe
Ghana djembes

Authentic African djembes.
Great teacher djembes that can be more easily be heard above the group.
We can help you choose a djembe specific to your needs.
From $230 + gst (student size)
From $320 + gst (adult size)

More instruments

Sound healing instruments
Sound healing

A range of instruments to use in musical workshops, mindfulness sessions or class ceremonies.

authentic tuned percussion
Tuned percussion

Popular among musical teachers, these instruments are easy to learn, boasting soothing and uplifting sounds.

stumpy dun set

We offer a huge range of duns, including light weight mini & stumpy duns that are perfect for kinder and school programs.

Percussion for teachers
Small percussion

A huge range of shakers and bells for every age and budget.
A great, accessible way to enrich your ensemble’s musicality.

We offer student workshops, Teacher Training Courses, Professional development sessions and more.
Find more details here. 
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