An African Drumming workshop is a great way to bring people of different abilities together in a fun-filled session where everyone can participate.


A single session is a lovely group activity that gets people involved. We aim to make the workshop as inclusive as possible, giving everyone the chance to have fun and express themselves. We are sensitive to varying degrees of mobility and tolerance for noise levels, and we’re very happy to include different shakers, bells and other low-impact instruments. We can also put on a show in which participation is totally optional, and the crowd can join if they’d like. Our sessions are particularly popular with grandparents and grandchildren days and community oriented events where everyone plays together!


Drumming has many positive effects on the body and mind, including increased circulation and joint mobility, stress and anxiety reduction, and providing a fun, social environment where people can be creative together.

Learn to Facilitate

Interested in learning how you could become an African Drumming facilitator? Running your own percussion programme would be a great way to inspire participation in an original, hands-on activity.

Read about our Teacher Training Course.

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