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Ceremonial Gong

In a world filled with everyday symphonies, ceremonial gongs rise above, ready to steal the spotlight with their resounding choral charisma!

Ceremonial gongs, are majestic metal marvels, transcending time and culture, finding their place in rituals, celebrations and meditative practices.

Envisage a shimmering disc suspended in time awaiting the gentle touch of the mallet. With a strike it brightly awakens sending ripples of harmonious vibration through the air. Ceremonial gongs invite our body, mind and spirit to dance with the rhythm of history. While the waves wash over, we are reminded of our playful spirit waiting to be unleashed.

Each ceremonial gong is designed to tune into a specific chakra point on the body, and align the energy while played. Our traditional gongs are hand hammered from a special 5-metal alloy. Different notes are created by striking different points on the gong. The harder a gong is played, the more its surface is activated, resulting in the whole surface loudly resonating with many layers of reverberation.

Some practitioners believe certain frequencies can focus on specific areas of the body, contributing to the healing of certain ailments. If you want to target specific chakras, choose a gong based on its tonal frequencies.

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