Each year we travel to West Africa in search of amazing djembes. Over the past decade, we’ve been fostering relationships with the master carvers of Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Guinea. We’re also established in Bali, where we develop affordable, quality djembes for our Indo Range. All of our drums are covered by warranty, and we stand by our reputation of producing world class djembe drums. Watch a Video of our Collection here

authentic african djembes

Master Series djembes

Top-tier African hardwood djembes.
We hand pick the very best, immaculate shells from our most experienced carvers across West Africa. We skin & finish the drums here in Melbourne to the highest standards on the market. Only the best hardwood shells from the best carvers make this grade. The symmetrical shells consist of 90% heartwood or more, the tonal range and quality of the shells are outstanding. Each hide are carefully balanced to suit the dynamics of each drum to maximise its voice. Each djembe looks as good as it sounds too with additional time invested in sanding, oiling and polishing the shells.

There are plenty of outstanding soloist drums in this range and rich accompaniment drums too. You’ll find drums from Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast here, and a wide range of hardwoods available including Khadi, Lenke, Dugarra, Numu and Djala.

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prmium quality djembes

Primo Series djembes

The first tier in the West African hardwoods, the density of these shells provides noticeable depth of sound. These high-quality djembes get a little extra time put into their playing edges and outer shell too, making them easy to play and easy on the eye. All Primo Series djembes have a full range of pure sounds and have a variety of shapes, sizes and characteristics.
Timbers in this range include dense Lenke, Djala, Khadi timbers as well as Melina (Golden hardwood) and Iroko

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ghana djembe

Ghana Series djembes

The Ghana range is our most puplar

There’s nothing like a djembe from the motherland! Perfect entry level drums which offer impressive quality at very competitive prices. Made from medium density Twenaboa timber, these djembes feature big basses, producing a deep low end sound that has always been popular. Easy to play with traditional and contemporary carvings to boot, the Ghana series is available in a range of sizes from 10” – 14”..
Generally lighter in weight too for easy portability.

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indo djembes for every age

Indo Series djembes

Drums for all ages and sizes! Made from Eco-friendly plantation mahogany (hardwood) and topped with quality goat skins.
Produced by our team in Indonesia, offering quality djembes at affordable prices. We work closely with our craftspeople to produce quality drums.
Great entry level drums. Their natural goat skins aren’t irradiated or chemically treated, so they retain their natural oils, sound and durability.
The smallest and cheapest adult sized drum we recommend is the 60cm Plus djembe  
This djembe works well for shorter people, but can be too short for medium to tall people.
It is our most popular djembe in the Indo Range

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We can send you a video with selected djembes, chosen for you.

We’d be happy to help you find your first Djembe – how exciting!
Send us your details below, it’s a fast and easy way to hone in on the best drum for you.

kente djembe shells made in Ghana for African Drumming

Djembe shells

Shells direct from the best carvers in West Africa. Every shell is supplied with rings to fit and undergoes careful quality control inspections first before being graded and again before being sent. See something you love? Get in touch to ask about a custom build.

Vegan djembes

Vegan djembes

No animal products used in their construction.
The boast durable synthetic head not effected by rain and humidity, so it stays in tune longer.
Their typical sounds is characterised by bright top end and deep bass.

afircan hardwood djembe

Custom made djembes

You make all the big decisions about who you want your drum to look and sound and we will put our experience and love into building you your ultimate dream drum

Authentic African djembe

Second grade djembes

A huge range of imperfect drums – great value to be had right here! All drums are covered by our warranty