St Kilda Community Class Ticket – Intermediates

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Classes run online and onsite simultaneously. During lockdowns classes are run online only*.

Currently, our intermediate classes are a mix of the regular format and Enduro Djembe.
First 30 minutes focus on advanced techniques, followed by 60 minutes of Enduro Djembe.
Every week is a stand alone class – you can join at any week. We will resume our normal class format when back onsite.
When you purchase a cycle, you receive 10% off our store, both online and onsite.
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What is Enduro Djembe?
Enduro Djembe is a musical fitness session, designed to improve your listening skills and strengthen your sounds, stamina and solo repertoire.


Welcome to our St Kilda Intermediate Djembe Classes!
If you can’t make it to our St.Kilda classes, you can join the class online.

Our St Kilda classes run across 6-week cycles
Intermediate @8pm – 9.30pm
*Please note that in case of a lockdown, classes will move online and we won’t be able to refund or move your ticket to a different date.

Click here for more information on our community classes
Looking for our Beginner classes? Find them here

2021 Class Cycles
Cycle #7 – Join our classes on September 27th or October 4th
Cycle #8 – Join our classes on November 8th or November 15th


Please note our safety measures in response to COVID-19
We are following strict government guidelines and updating as they change
○ All of our drums will be wiped down and disinfected before each class
○ We will provide hand sanitiser to our students
○ Our teachers will practise safe social distancing

Here’s how you can help
○ Face masks are mandatory
○ Sanitise your hands upon entry
○ Please stay in your station and only use the downstairs bathroom
○ Avoid touching your face
○ Cough and sneeze into your elbow and discard of any tissues immediately
○ Practise safe social distancing at all times
○ Students are encouraged to bring their own djembe if they can



Born in Zimbabwe, Mike began his musical life with the rhythms of Southern Africa, practicing a variety of musical disciplines since 1998. In 2015 his passion drifted westward to discover the djembe, and intensified when he moved to Melbourne and continued his learning under Simon Fraser and Bassidi Koné. He regularly performs with fiery ensemble Dunu Teké and spends his practice time developing his understanding of West African rhythm. He believes that music is inside each of us – it’s just a matter of learning how to speak its language.

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