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Single workshops, 4 week-full term programmes, open days, festivals, community and multicultural events + more.

🎶 🪘 We will bring along drums and shakers, and our team will get everyone involved. 🪘🎶

We offer a memorable journey of West African musical culture that connects people. We usually deliver a mix of drumming, dancing and singing but we’re always adaptable and can change it up to suit your needs.

All of our facilitators are unique performers, each experienced in working with people from a range of backgrounds.

Aged Care
All Abilities
Mental Health
Youth Services
Indigenous Experiences

Aged Care

Uplifting sessions tailored to suit your group

A great way to bring people of different abilities together in a fun-filled session where everyone can participate.

We are sensitive to varying degrees of mobility and tolerance for noise levels, and we’re very happy to include different shakers, bells and other low-impact instruments. We can also put on a show in which participation is totally optional.

Our sessions are particularly popular with grandparents and grandchildren days and community oriented events where everyone plays together!

All abilities

Delivering empowerment and fun to people of all abilities

From one-off sessions to ongoing programmes, we’re proud to have engaged many participants over the last 15 years.

Everyone will have a drum to play and we can bring shakers and bells to mix it up.

We aim to make the workshop or programme as inclusive as possible, giving everyone the chance to have fun and express themselves.

We offer special rates for not-for-profit organisations and will do our best to make our service available.

Mental Health

Drumming to free the mind

Unleash the potential of your group with African Drumming. Great for the mind and the body, leaving everyone feeling great.

Studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing and healing effects of drumming.

Youth Services

Inclusive and inspiring sessions

Even the most difficult to engage young people can’t resist the chance to get on the djembe! Not only is it a great way to burn off some energy in a creative way, it provides a sense of participation and inclusion. We’ve achieved great results in the Youth and Juvenile Justice Sectors.

Workshop or Programme?


Looking for something that will engage and connect people? This is it!

We can deliver a session that suits the aims and needs of your group. We offer drumming, dancing and singing as standard, though we can easily adapt to suit your specifications.


Studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing and healing effects of drumming for Alzheimer’s patients, autistic children, emotionally unsettled teens, recovering addicts and trauma patients. Which reinforces our own viewed experience: it simply just makes people feel good! Programmes are undoubtedly the best way to maximise these benefits.

Group drumming as a transformative and healing activity has been widely researched and endorsed by health professionals.


Uniting people from diverse backgrounds

Community events are centred on engaging all participants. Our workshops can be catered to any group size and any age.

This ethos is also at the heart of West African music and is reflected in our drum and dance workshops and the spirit of our ensembles.


Looking for something that will actively engage and connect people? This is it! Whether you’d like to drum, dance or try both, we can create a workshop that suits your event. Our workshops are a fun and accessible activity that captivates everyone of any age, socioeconomic background or gender.

Festival Style

We often recommend running short 20 minute rotating workshops, allowing large numbers of people to participate. The focus is on having fun and getting everyone to jam together. Our energetic facilitators will have all the drums and shakers needed.

Interactive Performances

An interactive performance lets the crowd interact as they please. With a less structured approach than a workshop, we perform and have a range of drums and shakers out which we encourage people to play. It’s a really fun format for high energy applications and perfect for festivals and fetes.

Bands & Ensembles

If you’re looking for a performance to wow the crowd then any of our bands can deliver a spectacular show.
Check out our Bands & Ensembles.

Indigenous Experiences

Our partnership with Indigenous educators allows us to offer authentic indigenous cultural experiences in Melbourne, improving education and awareness of Aboriginal culture. Our performers are a mix of highly experienced and passionate Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators and performers. Our sessions can include:

  • Smoking ceremony (optional).
  • A Welcome to Country By Wurundjeri Elder.
  • Creation Story by Elder accompanied by Didgeridoo and background music.
  • The origins of the Didgeridoo, how they are made and where they are found.
  • Didgeridoo performances with Q&As relating to performances.
  • Interactive rhythms & dances.
  • Storytelling, cultural history and information.
  • Didgeridoo mindfulness meditation.
  • Tactile props to interact with: boomerangs, animal skins, clap sticks, ochres.

"We loved it, the guests loved it – the performance was the highlight of the event! Shabba was so friendly, and got everyone up dancing. It was fantastic."

Cancer Council Victoria

"It was absolutely amazing and the children haven’t stopped talking about it!!! I was so impressed by how involved our younger group was and have not seen them so focused through an in-service visit before. We will definitely be having you back next year!"

Wingate Avenue Children's Cooperative

"Everyone just loved Appiah to bits! His fan club has increased by at least 300 and we’re at the head of it. Not only thoroughly professional in response and presentation, but read the audience beautifully. This was a hard gig. because it was very diverse in background and age, but he nailed it. And you’re so right – it was really good fun. Thank you so much for organising."

Sundowner Community Centre

"The drumming today was amazing - the children and staff really enjoyed every minute. It was thoroughly engaging even for those more timid children."

Hillcrest Early Learning Centre

"The group enjoyed the session immensely! Everyone loved Laura. She is so personable, affirming and displayed excellent teaching skills (as a teacher of 45 years
experience I feel in a position to say this). Thank you for sending her to us."

St John's Parish

"The African Drumming was a huge success. Mohamed and Simone were punctual, organised and extremely helpful. The minute the scouts came out of the hall they were drawn to the drums and (without even a word) Mohamed and Simone had them all drumming away in unison – it was brilliant and incredible to watch. Everyone was very impressed. Even the people on the street were poking their heads in to see and feel where the energy was coming from. Thank you very much!"

Elwood Scouts

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