Want to advance your skill, technique, stamina and groove? We offer private tuition in djembe and dunun at our St Kilda Studio. We can also teach balafon, handpan and talking drum.

One-on-one sessions allow for specialised and targeted coaching. Whether you have an area of your playing you’d like to focus on or you just want to up your game and need direction, we’ll tailor a session for you.


Standard session times are available between 10am and 4pm on weekdays, however out of hours sessions (weeknights & weekends) can be arranged, depending on availability. Call us today to chat about what we can offer and to make a booking

45 Minutes

$ 100

Per 45 Minutes

60 Minutes

$ 130

Per 60 Minutes

90 Minutes

$ 170

Per 90 Minutes

Four Pack

The Four Pack is designed to maximize your learning

Aimed at ironing out those ongoing technique and musical understandings, and personally tailored to your needs and style, these four consecutive sessions will really accelerate your playing – great if you need to play catch up with a 6 week cycle that you’ve missed or to take your playing to the next level.

In the first session we discuss where your playing is currently at, what you’d like to achieve, and the different methods we can employ to get you there. From there on we get to the business of developing your playing! Expect to be pushed, challenged and rewarded.

These lessons are suitable for all levels, and while primarily aimed at djembe and dunun training, there are many other aspects to your musicality which we can focus on including:

  • Timing & strengthening your inner metronome
  • Understanding 4/4 and 12/8 more deeply
  • Getting your feet tapping in time, growing  your hand’s independence, and other multi-tasking musical challenges
  • Tapping into your own inner creativity

We recommend that the sessions be taken close together to facilitate fast development – ideally once a week or fortnight.


45 Minutes

$ 80

Per 45 Minutes

60 Minutes

$ 110

Per 60 Minutes

90 Minutes

$ 140

Per 90 Minutes


If you’re after some 1-on-1 lessons but live outside of Melbourne, then why not learn online! We have online coaching and tuition available to anyone, anywhere. Tailored to meet your learning goals and grow your playing, and delivered to you anywhere, this is a great way to keep your music flowing.

You can learn about our teachers here

Our standard online tuition format is:

Initial contact and set-up
1hr @ $120
Includes setup and connection test (using GoogleChat or Skype etc), desired outcomes, initial content and lesson, and ongoing content plan.

Ongoing sessions

45 Minute Tuition

$ 90

45 Minutes

60 Minute Tuition

$ 120

60 Minutes

90 Minute Tuition

$ 160

90 minutes
Cancellation Policy:
Please note that for confirmed private tuition, there is a cancellation fee of 25% charge for cancellations within 72 hours prior to the class, 50% for up to 24 hours beforehand and 80% for same day cancellations.
If a private tuition is running overtime due to a client’s delay, additional fees may apply in order to compensate the facilitator for the additional call out time. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available to any of our private tuition or community classes. For more information, please contact us:

[email protected]
Tel. 03 9525 3073

Or fill in the contact form below: