Indo Series

Drums for all ages and sizes! Made from Eco-friendly plantation mahogany (hardwood) and topped with quality goat skins.
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5% of revenue from our Indo djembes are donated to the East-Java plant a tree program

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  • Indo Series 40cm Junior Djembes in two sizes.

    40cm Junior Djembe

    AU $71.00AU $138.00
  • 50cm All Rounder Djembe

    AU $132.00AU $196.00
  • 60cm PLUS Classic Djembe

    AU $262.00AU $303.00
  • indo djembe drum

    60cm Classic Djembe

    AU $222.00AU $262.00
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  • Sale!

    Vegan 50cm Plus Djembe

    AU $174.00AU $202.00
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  • Sale!
    vegan djembe pack for kids

    Vegan Kids Pack

    Original price was: AU $142.00.Current price is: AU $127.80.