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Finding Harmony Within

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Finding harmony within can often be a challenge for us.

Along comes the humble djembe, an ancient drum that transcends cultural boundaries, giving us the key to unlocking a powerful
from of self-expression through wellness.

Djembe has the ability to tap into our primal instinct which leads us to a cascade of physical, mental and emotional clarity and balance.

Physical benefits of playing the djembe range from improved cardiovascular health, increasing circulation, improved hand eye
coordination and refining our fine motor skills. Djembe playing is a proven form of stress release, emotional release,
as engaging in rhythmic patterns allows us to enter a meditative state which in turn promotes mindfulness and wellness in the world within and outside of us. You can read more about the benefits of drumming for wellness here.

Rhythmic wellness is available through private events, school and kinder incursions, team bonding days, and an array of events.

Check out our range of djembes available and have a peek at our wellness range also available through our sister-brand Bashiri.

Ceremonial Gong

Ceremonial Gongs

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In a world filled with everyday symphonies, ceremonial gongs rise above, ready to steal the spotlight with their resounding choral charisma!

Ceremonial gongs, are majestic metal marvels, transcending time and culture, finding their place in rituals, celebrations and meditative practices.

Envisage a shimmering disc suspended in time awaiting the gentle touch of the mallet. With a strike it brightly awakens sending ripples of harmonious vibration through the air. Ceremonial gongs invite our body, mind and spirit to dance with the rhythm of history. While the waves wash over, we are reminded of our playful spirit waiting to be unleashed.

Each ceremonial gong is designed to tune into a specific chakra point on the body, and align the energy while played. Our traditional gongs are hand hammered from a special 5-metal alloy. Different notes are created by striking different points on the gong. The harder a gong is played, the more its surface is activated, resulting in the whole surface loudly resonating with many layers of reverberation.

Some practitioners believe certain frequencies can focus on specific areas of the body, contributing to the healing of certain ailments. If you want to target specific chakras, choose a gong based on its tonal frequencies.

Is there a gong that resonates with you?

Find out here

You can also visit our sister site for more traditional sound healing instruments here

New Drumming Classes

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New African Drumming Classes

You can join us for new African Drumming classes in-person and Online.

Diversify your skillset and spice up your week with drumming classes. Music connects us in profound ways and is a bridge that links us harmoniously.

A great way to connect your heart and mind, destress, reset and energise yourself!
Drumming class is a great way to socialize and make new friends in a relaxed environment.

🪘Beginners Djembe

🪘Intermediate Djembe

🪘Middle Eastern Percussion

Book here!

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Group Drumming

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Group Drumming

Drumming in a group requires communication and teamwork.

When organisations participate in Group Drumming sessions, they learn to work together, listen to one another, and synchronise their actions.

This collaborative experience can break down barriers and foster a sense of unity and inclusivity.

African drumming sessions create an inclusive and engaging atmosphere that encourages active participation from everyone. Regardless of their background or position within the organisation, everyone can join in the rhythmic experience!

Click here to learn more.

On Demand Teacher Training

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Let us fit into your schedule with our On Demand Teacher Training 🪘

Whether it’s online or in-person, group or solo, become an amazing facilitator at a time which suits you.

🎶  School teachers
🎶  Professional facilitators
🎶  Government departments
🎶  NGO teams
🎶  Or anyone who wishes to teach drumming !

Following the training you will be able to run your own program with amazing results.

Learn more here !

Instrument Highlight: Krin

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Also called kirin, kolokolo, lokole.

A log drum, often played alongside Balafon, Kora, djembes and dunun in contemporary West African Ballets.

♪  Guinea Krin are hand carved from dense khadi timber, the densest wood of West Africa
♪  The craftsmanship of this distinctive drum is as functional as it is beautiful
♪  With crisp tonal qualities and several distinct notes this medium sized Krin is a high volume instrument ideal for any ensemble.

Watch the Krin in action or purchase here !

Djembe and Dunun Tuning Tips 🪘

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Djembe and Dunun Tuning Tips

Like any instrument, your drum needs tuning to sound it’s best.
A few knots can have it really singing in terms of both richness of sound and pure projection.

🪘 Avoid tuning in very hot weather.
🪘 Add 2-3 knots at a time and test the results. Let the drum settle, play it and come back to it in a week or so.
🪘 Using a stick or a tuning bar will save your hands from rope burn.
🪘 Be careful not to tune your drum too much too soon! This is the most common cause of Breakage. The skin needs time to stretch.
🪘 Fine tune by tapping down on the top outer ring with a rubber mallet, being careful not to hit the skin!

Interested in purchasing a new African Drum? Look no further and check out our extensive range here!

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2023 Rhythm Power Tour

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Bring in the new year on our 15th Rhythm Power Tour!

🌴 Tour Dates:   29th December 2023 – 25th January 2024
🌴 Location:       the idyllic Volta Region of Ghana
🌴 Rates:           from AUD $4200, depending on room choice

Renowned percussionist, educator and tour guide Simon Fraser has been making annual trips to West Africa since 1997.

Some of the best drum and dance tuition available in the region will be on offer along a unique cultural experience curated by Simon. There will be festivals & excursions, shopping and live entertainment, all adding to an unforgettable and memorable experience.


For more information, simply get in touch with us or click to this page.

(03) 9525 3073
[email protected]

A drum and dance journey to change your life!

Balafon Bliss in Ghana 🎵🇬🇭

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Balafon Bliss… 🇬🇭

A wooden keyed percussive idiophone of West Africa, the Balafon is a Manding name, but variations exist across West Africa.

An idiophone is an instrument which creates sound by vibrating.

🎵 Hand made by master artisans from individually tuned Khadi hardwood keys, cow hide and calabash.
🎵 The keys of the Balafon are tuned to each other in diatonic scale
🎵 It is the wood which set these bala apart – Khadi is premier wood used in making the world’s best Bala.
🎵 Below the key bed are calabash gourds which serve as resonators
🎵 Each gourd has a small hole with very thin paper (traditionally a thin membrane) over it, which creates the buzzing resonance that is so characteristic of West African music.

Available for purchase in 15 key or 22 key.

Enjoy this instrument in action here.

PD Session: Rhythm Games 🎶

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Professional Development Session:
Rhythm Games

Explore fun and interactive games for the Djembe + Small Percussion which help develop auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, language and social skills.

🎶  You’ll come away loaded with lots of great games and inspiring ideas that you can incorporate into your sessions. 🎶

Join us online, Saturday August 26th 2023
10am-12pm (AEDT): Games for Djembes
1pm-3pm (AEDT): Games for Small Percussion

Ideal for all drumming skills levels and abilities. You will receive a digital Certificate of Completion.

Learn more or book in here!


Giving Back – Tree Planting Initiatives

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Tree Planting Initiative

We are dedicated to giving back to our planet and ensuring our ventures
are eco-friendly and sustainable.

We’re managing two Tree planting initiatives across two continents:

One of these is Denyigba Lorlor who are an amazing Forest Regeneration NGO in Ghana 🇬🇭

With their help, we are able to plant and nurture a new hardwood tree for every African drum that we sell 🌱🪘

In Indonesia we are donating 5% of funds from the sale of every Indonesian djembe towards the “East-Java Plant a Tree Program.”


School & Kinder Workshops

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We love running our school and kinder workshops 🪘

We bring African drums for everyone and tailor our sessions according to learning capabilities for different age groups.

Options include:

♪ Single sessions
♪ 4 week – full term Programmes
♪ Staff team builders
♪ Whole school events, fetes and more

Some of the feedback we get from the students is quite profound. This comment feels like a nice metaphor for teamwork…

“It was so cool. I’d say it was the best music experience ever!
The drums were small, but they made a lot of noise when played in a group”
– Student from Livingstone Christian College.

Learn more here.


Kid’s Drum Classes 🪘

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Our children’s drumming classes provide a memorable journey of West African musical culture.

We’ve seen the transformative nature of drumming first hand in our classes & workshops.
Drumming empowers, energises, and teaches skills that students can be proud of: It’s what keeps us inspired. 💫

Popular formats:

♪ Single sessions
♪ 4 week – full term Programmes
♪ Staff team builders
♪ Whole school events, fetes and more

Our classes include a mix of drumming, dancing and singing, but we’re always adaptable and can tailor our session to your request. 🪘

For more information, just click here !


Instrument Highlight : The Kora

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The Kora

Our professional kora instruments are the product of high-quality contemporary workmanship paying respect to traditional West-African construction.

How beautiful is this Kora and Talking Drum jam from Mo and Simon 🪘

🎶  The playing style resembles the finger picking of a blues guitar.
🎶 Strings placement allows for playing chords and harmonies along with fast melodic runs.
🎶 To make these wonderful instruments, huge Guinean calabash gourds are skinned with African cow hide to serve as the heart.
🎶 Premium hardwood is meticulously hand-carved to form the necks, bridges and handles.
🎶  The twenty-one strings are made from competition-grade, ultra low-stretch, monofilament line.

Available in sizes from medium to extra large, each Kora is unique – a truely special instrument.


Caring for your Djembe Drum Skin

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To maximize the lifespan of your Djembe Drum skin…


🪘 Proper Storage: In a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Avoid keeping it in damp or humid environments, as moisture can damage the skin.

🪘 Tuning: Regularly check and adjust the tension of the drumhead. Tuning helps distribute the tension evenly across the skin and prevents it from becoming too loose or too tight, which can lead to damage.

🪘 Maintenance and Conditioning: Periodically clean the drumhead with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust, dirt, and sweat which may accumulate on the surface.

🪘 Handle with Care: When transporting the drum or during any handling, be gentle and careful. Avoid dropping or mishandling the drum.

🪘 Use a drum bag or drumhead protector: To protect the body and head of the drum against knocking and other wear and tear. Purchase one here.

🪘 Proper Playing Technique: Using excessive force or striking the drum with sharp or hard objects can put strain on the skin and lead to premature wear and tear.


🪘 Excessive Heat or Cold: Excessive heat or cold, can cause the skin to stretch or contract, potentially leading to cracks or other damage. Avoid leaving your drum standing upright in the blistering sun, as it will act as a heat chamber. It’s better to lie it down on the ground so the air can get inside the body of the drum and keep it ventilated.

🪘 Excessive Moisture: Keep the drum dry, or if it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. Moisture can cause the skin to become soft and loose tension, affecting its sound quality and durability.

🪘 Exposure to Chemicals: Keep the drum away from harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, and solvents, as they can damage the skin. Additionally, be cautious about using any substances on your hands, such as lotions or oils, before playing the drum, as they may leave residue on the skin.

By following these guidelines, you can help maximize the lifespan of the skin on your djembe drum and ensure it stays in good condition for an extended period – keeping you livin for the rhythm!!  🎶 🪘

Unifier Team Workshops

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Unifier Team Workshops

Drumming is a form of improvisation that encourages experimentation and creativity.

💡 When your team is encouraged to experiment,
they are more open to innovative ideas and solutions 💡

Our Unifier Workshop fosters teamwork and collaboration among employees, laying a solid foundation for trust and creativity.
Outcomes: Team bonding & enhanced cooperation
Length: 30 – 60 minutes

Learn more here.

🪘 Drum Highlight: Dunun

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Dunun Drums

Dunun (also known as dundun and doundoun) are the bass drums of the West African ensemble, named by the Mandé blacksmiths.

The drums were developed alongside the djembe in the Mande drum ensemble. Dunun patterns are the heart of a rhythm – while the djembe and hand drum parts are often interchangeable, the dunun pattern is unique.

A set comprises of these 3 drums:
🪘Kenkeni – smallest and highest pitch drum
🪘Sangban – middle sized and pitched drum
🪘Dununba – largest and deepest pitched drum

We stock a huge range of duns, from light weight mini & stumpy duns which are perfect for kids and school programs right up to pro-level hardwood duns from across the West African region.


Top Picks for Little Ones

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African Drumming’s Top Picks for Children

Studies show that children who play instruments have increased aptitude.
Drumming stimulates the learning centres of the brain, assisting in the development of motor skills, coordination & concentration – as well as encouraging creativity and being great fun.

Start the little muso in your life off on their musical journey with one of our many great packs for purchase through African Drumming.

To purchase, click here.

We are also specialists in School & Kinder Workshops as well as kids parties! Follow this link to find out more!

mini djembe  kids djembe gift pack  Mano Mini Tambourines from African Drumming

Drumming for Wellness Online Class

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Drumming for your Wellbeing

The act of drumming can release endorphins and dopamine in the brain, leading to feelings of pleasure and happiness 🪘🧠

Book your spot in our ‘Drumming for Wellness’ online course on Saturday 3rd of June, or if you can’t make it then, our next class is on Saturday 5th November.

10am-12pm (AEST): Drumming for Social Connectivity
1pm-3pm (AEST): Drumming for Mindfulness

Drumming for Social Connectivity
Drumming is a powerful vehicle for encouraging skill development around a range of social skills.

Drumming for Mindfulness
Drumming can be an incredible meditative tool, allowing participants to focus on the beats, the drum, or their hands, and truly experience themselves in the “here & now”, while promoting awareness of feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

For more information visit this link.

rhythm power tour  Djembe classes melbourne