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seedpod rattle
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seedpod rattle
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Seedpod Rattle

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This shaker is meticulously created from Kenari seed pods and woven jute. The Seedpod rattle produces a cascade of rain-like notes, making it perfect for sound healing and relaxation.

Country of origin: Indonesia.
Materials: Kenari pods and jute.
Approximate Dimensions (L x H): 10cm x 38cm (as this is a natural product, sizes vary)

Listen to our Seedpod Rattle and watch video below >>

More Details

Kenari seed pods hold a historical role as natural percussion instruments, adding vibrancy to ceremonial rhythms. Our Seedpod Rattle honors this musical tradition while adapting to contemporary sound healing wellness practices.

The unique properties of Kenari seed pods contribute to a distinct timbre in the rattling sound, creating a versatile auditory experience. This instrument acts as a bridge, connecting ancient rhythms with the evolving landscape of therapeutic sound.

Can the seedpod rattle be used for Sound healing purposes?
Beyond its cultural roots, the Seedpod Rattle becomes a multifunctional tool for holistic well-being. Its tones extend beyond musical expression, providing a nuanced backdrop for meditation, relaxation, and transformative sound therapy sessions.

Do you have other seedpod instruments?
Yes! Our Seedpod chime gently sways in the breeze, releasing soothing notes. It is perfect for sound healing practices, meditation, and relaxation.

Do you have other sound haling instruments?
We offer a huge range of sound healing instruments, including singing bowls, gongs, steel tongue drums, bells and more.
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