Shamanic Frame Drum

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The shamanic frame drum (medicine drum) is one of the oldest known musical instruments. They are skinned with goat hide for a deep, primal resonance.
Play with hands or a soft beater (included).
With Felt handle: Available in 4 sizes – Small, medium, large. and extra large
With Hide handle: Available in large, medium, and extra large.

Optional add-on: padded bags. Featuring over-the-shoulder carry straps for portability and a zip-top lid.

Watch our Shaman drum in the Video below >>

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The difference in pitch (note) between the sizes: As a rule –  The larger the drum, the larger the bass resonance. If you’re looking for a deep and rich bass note then go for the Large or (even better) the XL. The XL especially, has a bass note that you will feel right through your body. The XL is bigger and heavier however, so that should be considered in your decision.

The Frame Drum is reputed by some to be the first skin drum to exist. They are used across the world on all kinds of ceremonies and other occasions.
Our shamanic frame drums (also knows as medicine drums) are constructed using a ring and rope system on a sturdy, wooden frame made from teak wood and meranti wood. Available in three sizes.

Small: 30cm x 5cm
Medium : 42cm  x 6cm
Large : 50cm  x 7cm
Extra Large : 60cm x 8.5cm

*Note – Picture as reference only. Sold individually
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