Kit: Build Your Own Frame Drum

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Our Shamanic Frame Drums Kits will be back in stock Oct 2021.

Looking to make your own shamanic frame drum? This kit gives you everything you need to build a medicine drum using traditionally-inspired techniques.
Comes with an XL Indo Goat Skin, Frame Drum Hoop, and optional Soft Mallet.


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This kit includes:

One (1) Frame Drum Hoop in your choice of size.
The outside and 1st inside hoop are made from teak wood ,The 2nd inside hoop is made from meranti wood.
One (1) XL Indo Goat Skin in your choice of thickness.

Optional Addon: Soft Mallet for Frame Drum.
Cut the skin to the desired size, and cut strips from the remaining skin to secure the disc to the frame in the traditional method.

The Frame Drum is one of the oldest known musical instruments; it is reputed by some to be the first skin drum to exist. They are used across the world on all kinds of ceremonies and other occasions.

Medium : 42cm  x 6cm
Large : 50cm  x 7cm
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Check out the video below to help you make your drum and feel free to get in touch with us with any question.

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