Sound Healing Mega Pack
happy steel tongue drums in a variety of tunings
HappySteel (4)

Steel Tongue Drums - All tunings

ocean drum for wellness pack
Ocean drum - wellness pack

Ocean Drum

rain stick percussion

Rainstick (Large): 100cm

shamanic frame drums
Shaman Drum- I

Shamanic Frame Drums

medicin ceremonial drum

Shamanic Frame Drum (back)

Ankle Shaker

Ankle Shaker

Pod Shaker

Pod Shaker

vajra bell meditation
Vajra Bells 3 sizes.2

Vajra Bells

Tingsha Cymbals tibetan sound healing
Tingsa large (2)

Tingsha Cymbals

The kalimba (thumb piano) is a westernized version of a traditional plucked instrument from Zimbabwe called an mbira.

Medium Kalimba

sound healing ocean drum
Ocean drum for wellness pack

Ocean Drum

Sound Healing Mega Pack

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From melodic tones and ethereal melodies to rhythmic beats and dynamic textures, this pack is designed to inspire creativity and elevate your musical experience. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a novice explorer of sound, this pack provides endless possibilities for musical expression and exploration.

Steel Tongue Drum
Large Ocean Drum

Large Rainstick
Large Shamanic Frame Drum (with felt handle)
2x Ankle & Wrist Shake
Pod Shaker
Medium Vajra Bell
Tingsha Cymbals with decoration
Medium Kalimba

Ocean drum photos are for reference; the design may vary.