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Melodic and easy to play, this ocked size kalimba is made from a Coconut shell with vibrating metal keys.
You can tune the kalimba (thumb piano) any way you like. Listen below for three typical tunings:

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The kalimba is a westernized version of a traditional plucked instrument from Zimbabwe called an mbira. Similar instruments such as njari and zanzu have existed all over Africa for thousands of years. The metal tines are tunable, so you can play however you like! Simply sliding the tines up or down to adjust the pitch. When a tine is plucked, the adjacent tines also vibrate. This increases the harmonic complexity of each note in an interesting and pleasant way.

Dimensions: 15cm diameter x 7cm depth. Please note as this is made from natural materials, size may vary slightly.

Carvings and / or paintings vary, pictures provided for reference only. Sale is for one unit.

See our full range of kalimba in action in the video below!


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