sound healing starter pack
rain stick percussion

Rainstick (Medium): 60cm

mini steel tongue drum
11-key golden (1)

11 Note Mini Steel Tongue Drum - Gold

steel tongue drum
11-key sky blue (1)

11 Note Mini Steel Tongue Drum - Sky Blue

ocean drum for wellness pack
Ocean drum - wellness pack

Ocean Drum

sound healing ocean drum
Ocean drum for wellness pack

Ocean Drum

Sound Healing Starter Pack

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Curated to provide a harmonious musical journey, these instruments are ideal for fostering serenity during meditation, enhancing well-being practices, and nurturing your creative musical expressions.

11 Note Mini Steel Tongue Drum: comes with drawstring bag, song book, rubber tipped mallets and rubber finger rings.
Small Ocean Drum
Medium Rainstick

Photos of the ocean drums are for reference; their design will vary.

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More Details

With extended sustain and enchanting harmonies, our Mini Steel Tongue Drum offers a captivating musical experience. Reminiscent of handpans and other ethereal instruments, they are crafted from durable heavy gauge steel.

Our Ocean Drum, held horizontally by its frame, replicates the tranquil sounds of ocean waves. By gently tilting it in all directions with wrist movements, the beads inside roll over the bottom head like water on the shore. Varying speeds create different sounds, while sudden stops and starts mimic crashing waves.

Rainsticks are an instrument that when tilted, the pebbles journey down the tube, evoking the calming rhythm of rainfall. Traditionally crafted from dried cactus tubes and filled with miniature pebbles.

How do these instruments complement each other in the bundled set?

Our bundled set combines the enchanting harmonies of the Mini Steel Tongue Drum, the tranquil sounds of the Ocean Drum, and the calming rhythm of the Rainsticks. Together, they offer a diverse array of auditory experiences, creating a harmonious ensemble that fosters relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

Are these instruments suitable for use in group settings or therapeutic sessions?
Our packs are versatile enough to be used in various group settings, including therapeutic sessions, wellness workshops, meditation classes, and more. Their soothing sounds and tactile nature make them ideal for promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and group cohesion.

Can beginners effectively use these instruments, or are they more suitable for experienced musicians?
Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned musician, our bundled set caters to all skill levels. The Mini Steel Tongue Drum, Ocean Drum, and Rainsticks are designed for ease of use, allowing beginners to explore their musical creativity while offering advanced musicians the opportunity to delve deeper into their soundscapes.

Do you have other wellness packs?
Yes, our Mini Sound Healing Pack and our Sound Healing Mega Pack are other great options you can explore.

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