sound healing starter pack
rain stick percussion

Rainstick (Medium): 60cm

mini steel tongue drum
11-key golden (1)

11 Note Mini Steel Tongue Drum - Gold

steel tongue drum
11-key sky blue (1)

11 Note Mini Steel Tongue Drum - Sky Blue

ocean drum for wellness pack
Ocean drum - wellness pack

Ocean Drum

sound healing ocean drum
Ocean drum for wellness pack

Ocean Drum

Sound Healing Starter Pack

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Curated to provide a harmonious musical journey, these instruments are ideal for fostering serenity during meditation, enhancing well-being practices, and nurturing your creative musical expressions.

11 Note Mini Steel Tongue Drum: comes with drawstring bag, song book, rubber tipped mallets and rubber finger rings.
Small Ocean Drum
Medium Rainstick

Photos of the ocean drums are for reference; their design will vary.

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With extended sustain and enchanting harmonies, our