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Vajra Meditation Bell

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Such a pure and sustained resonant pitch.
The Vajra bell is arguably the most commonly used instrument in tantric Buddhism, and its sound is believed to drive out evil spirits from the place where the ritual is being performed.
Constructed from a traditional 5 metal alloy blend.

Small: Diameter 7.5cm | Height 13.5cm 
Diameter 8cm | Height 15cm
Large: Diameter 10cm | Height 18cm
Decorative elements may vary, photos are for reference.

More Details

The Vajra is a club-like weapon in Tibetan mythology which symbolises indestructability and irresistible force. The symbol is often connected with a bell, or Tribu, which represents the void from which all phenomena arise. Together, these symbols in traditional ceremony represents the inseparability of wisdom and compassion in the enlightened mindstream.

To play the bell, hold the handle upright with the bell toward the ground, and gently flick your wrist to let the bell sound once or twice. Less is more! If you want a more powerful sound, the bell can be swung overhead.

Sound healing

Access a state of relaxation and mindfulness with our gorgeous Himalayan healing instruments. Sound therapy is built on the idea that our brains and bodies operate on various specific frequencies in order to grow, consolidate information, and heal. We can create sound vibrations at similar frequencies to those our brains use to encourage those beneficial states of being. Similar to meditation, we are trying to teach our brains to access those healing frequencies using a traditional and authentic method.

Some of the benefits of sound therapy include:
Improved mood
Better sleep
Reduced stress and anxiety
Easier access to meditative state


We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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