16.5″ Tar – Frame Drum – Felix

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Super classy, Pro-level Large bass 16.5″ Tar with natural goat skin head for warm dry traditional tones.
100% adjustable tuning so crank up that top end if you please.
Hand crafted by Matt Stonehouse from steam bent Tasmanian blackwood & Pin oak
Signature Uzbekistan banding.
Comes with protective carry bag.

16.5″ diameter x 10cm depth
Weight 1.3kg

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The tar (Arabic: طار) is an ancient, single-headed frame drum. It is commonly played in the Middle East and North Africa. The tar’s drumhead is struck with one hand. The drumhead was usually made from animal skin like goats, while the actual frame was made of wood. Used to accompany folkloric music and dancing. The “tar” is held mainly with one hand, although the playing hand also supports the drum to a certain extent while playing.

It has an open tone, and is often either played for accompaniment to other instruments or in tar ensembles.