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Gome Drum

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Traditional Gome of the Ga and Ashanti people.
One of the most versatile drums with a such a huge tonal range variety and huge Bass note.
Hand crafted from timber with a goat skin face, and includes mechanical tuning system.

Country: Ghana  //  Wood: Odum
Length: 46cm  //  Width: 46cm
Height: 49cm  //  Skin: African Goat (Medium)

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The Gome drum is a fundamental solo and ensemble drum among the Ga and Ashanti of Ghana.  Hand crafted out of solid Odum hardwood, with a solid frame, goat skin head, and floating inside frame adjusted by using a metal press. The drum is played on its side, with the drummer sitting on top, using both hands and the heels of the feet. The Gome produces thick warm tones, striking slaps, and healthy bass. Covered by our Standard Warranty.


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