Ocean Drums – Small

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Let the gentle sounds of the ocean wash over you!
Soothing and engaging instruments with unique, beautiful designs! Choose “Surprise Me” for a design of our choice, or choose your own specific design from the drop-down menu. Also available in a natural hide finish so you can decorate your own drum.
Listen to these instruments and see them in action in the video below!

Size: approx. 29cm x 3.5cm.

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The ocean drum is held by the frame, with the head horizontal, and played by rolling the wrists so the drum gently tilts in all directions. The beads inside roll over the bottom head like water rolling over the shore.
Different speeds produce different sounds. Stopping and starting suddenly creates crashing wave sounds.

Goat skin exterior body with hand painted designs.
Soulful wave-like sounds as you twist and turn the drum.

Small: 29cm x 29cm x  3.5cm
Medium: 34cm x 34cm x 3.5cm
Large: 45cm x 45cm x 4.5cm
50cm x 50cm x 4.5cm

Please Note – Our Ocean drums are hand made instruments under tension with natural goat skins. It is not uncommon for the frame to have some minor natural movement especially with changing weather conditions. This is all part of having a handmade instrument, rather than a factory/ machine made instrument. The sound and integrity of the instrument should not be impacted.

ocean drum


We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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