Our online Enduro Djembe class is back by popular demand. Catered for intemediate and advanced drummers, Enduro Djembe is a non-stop rhythmic ride!

Third time’s the charm!

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Due to popular demand, our online Enduro Djembe class is back for a third time. Musical fitness for the body and mind! Focus your mind, open your ears and relax your body – a non-stop rhythmic ride is about to begin!

Enduro Djembe is an uninterrupted journey designed to improve your listening skills and strengthen your sounds, stamina and solo repertoire. We begin with technique and build into a steady groove, layering solo phrases until the final crescendo one hour later.

We traverse through 5 rhythms – a mix of 4/4 and 12/8 grooves – with Kpanlgo (Ghana courship rhythm), Maraka (Malian worship/ honouring rhythm), Jensa (Burkia party rhythm), Soli (Guinean circumcision rhythm) and Rumba (Guinea contemporary).

Catered for upper intermediate and advanced level students, and led by Simon Fraser with Magic Michael Naude on support duns.

Saturday May 23rd @ 12pm

Get your tickets here

Join us in Ghana in 2020 for our 15th anniversary tour

All signs point to Ghana!

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Hey everyone, guess what? We’re still full steam ahead in our plans for Ghana 20/21. We know times are challenging and unpredictable right now, but we are optimistic that our tour will go ahead and that Rhythm Power will be just the tonic we need to soothe our Rhythmic Souls. This year will be our 15th tour, offering some of the best drum and dance tuition West Africa has to offer. Whether you’re a drummer or a dancer, we’ve got you covered with a top-tier study program in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Join us and enjoy the music, sights, sounds and smells Ghana has to offer!

December 30th 2020 – January 26th 2021

Download our tour pack here

Bali drum retreat

Bali update from the boss

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It was with a heavy heart that we had to cancel this year’s Bali Drum Camp. It is especially hard for our local Balinese teachers, friends and the businesses that rely on the income from our tour. Big thanks to Glen who has donated his tour deposit to the crew over there. The good news is that we will be back in Bali for 2021!
– Simon Fraser, Director

We’re still planning to go to Ghana in 20/21. Keep up to date with our tour news and dates here

May newsie with Simon

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We’ve got online drumming classes and courses for all ages and levels, from kids classes to teacher training.

Also: Enduro Djembe is back by popular demand on May 9th!

Plus: Our beautiful happy steel tongue drums are on sale now – shop the collection here

Online Enduro Djembe – May 9th 2020

Online Kids Drumming Class – May 23rd 2020

Community Classes Cycle #4 – Join our classes on May 19th or May 26th 2020

Online Professional Development: Rhythm Games on May 30th 2020

Teacher Training Online Courses – Level 1 & 2 on June 6-7th or June 20th-21st.
Level 3 on August 8th-9th 2020

Rhythm Power – December 30th 2020 – January 26th 2021

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Enduro Djembe is back and online

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Enduro Djembe is back fiery as ever, now online and facilitated by Simon Fraser and Michael Naude.
This class is an uninterrupted journey designed to improve your listening skills and strengthen your sounds, stamina and solo repertoire. We begin with technique and build into a steady groove, layering solo phrases until the final crescendo one hour later.
When: Saturday April 25th 2020 @ 12pm AEST
Who’s it for: Intermediate and Advanced level students
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $20
BYO: Djembe
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Back by popular demand: New kids drumming class on May 23rd

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Hey everyone, we’re now offering online kids drumming classes! Facilitated by Michael Naude, these group online classes will allow children to exercise their musical creativity and flair in an open, safe space.

Here’s what you need:
A zoom online account: Easy-to-use and free software that connects people together online
A desktop computer with a microphone and speakers or a laptop
A djembe, set of bongos or a darbuka. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these – a tin can or bucket will suffice!


No prior experience necessary, and parents are welcome to join in too!
Click here for registration and class details

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Online Teacher Training

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Our Teacher Training course is now available online! Become an African Drumming facilitator from the comfort of your own home – all you need is a Zoom account, a laptop or a desktop computer with a working microphone and speakers and a djembe (don’t worry if you don’t have a djembe – we can organise one for you!).

You can either choose to do this course in groups, or one-on-one – it’s up to you! Facilitated by African Drumming educators, our teacher training course is available in three levels and is aligned with the Australian Government Schools Curriculum.

2020 Group Teacher Training dates
Level 1: Saturday 2nd May & Level 2: Sunday 3rd May
Level 1: Saturday 16th May & Level 2: Sunday 17th May
Level 1: Saturday 6th June & Level 2: Sunday 7th June
Level 1: Saturday 20th June & Level 2: Sunday 21st June
Level 3: Saturday 8th August & Sunday 9th August
Download our online Teacher Training overview

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Online Community Classes

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We’re moving our community classes online! Facilitated by the amazing Michael Naude, these group classes will be run via the software Zoom, a video conferencing online platform that is free of charge and easy to use.

Take a 6-week cycle and learn to play djembe – no experience needed!

We offer beginner and intermediate classes on Tuesday evenings. Info on class schedules here

What you need:
✔️A desktop computer with a microphone and speakers or a laptop
✔️A djembe
Register today

April newsie with Simon

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Hey everyone! Our shop is open during our standard opening hours  and we’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep our customers and employees safe and informed.

Our online shop is fully operational, with same-day dispatch as always and we can post anywhere!


Community Classes Cycle #3 – Join our classes on April 7th or April 14th

Teacher Training Online Courses – Level 1 & 2 on May 2nd & 3rd or May 16th – 17th 2020

Rhythm Power – December 30th 2020 – January 26th 2021

How music can really help you and your kids these school holidays

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As we know, music is a wonderful outlet for children, encouraging creativity, expression and confidence that are fundamental components of a healthy development. The school holidays are upon us and we understand that this can often be a stressful time for parents, who constantly have to come up with fresh and stimulating activities for their young ones. Fortunately, music is a wonderful distraction! But more importantly: it’s an educational and fun exercise that nurtures and brings out a number of important developmental skills:

Creativity and music: Encourages kids to flex their personality at home in an open, safe space.

Confidence and music: The ability to acquire a new skill is empowering, especially for a developing child.

Mindfulness and music: Allows children to be present with their instrument.

Communication and music: If a child doesn’t feel comfortable using their voice they can express themselves instead through an instrument.

Music therapy is a common tool used on children as it can affect mood, relieve stress, improve motor skills and connect the individual with his/her external reality. We’re all about music therapy here at African Drumming and we have a range of wonderful and accessible instruments for children of all ages! Expand your child’s home activities with one or several of the below:

? Kids Djembes
? Bongos
? Ankle and wrist shakers
? Egg shakers
? Kids Packs (On sale now)
? Kiss Kass
? Mini dununs (On sale now)

+ heaps more! 

? The shells of our Indonesian drums are solid timber sourced from renewable plantations of Mahogany.

? 5% of funds from the sale of every Indonesian djembe goes towards the “East-Java Plant a Tree Program.”

Shop our full range of kids instruments now

African Drumming Precautions during COVID-19

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Hey everyone!

Uncertain times at the moment due to COVID-19 – but for now, we’re drumming on! Just wanted to inform you of the additional precautions that we are currently implementing for all African Drumming classes and workshops:

? All hand drums can be covered with practice drum hats and will be washed after the session.

? All drums, drum sticks & small percussion will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes after every session.

? Facilitators will be regularly using hand sanitiser (before & after sessions).

? Participants will be asked to use the same drum/ drum sticks for the entire class.

We ask you to please assist in keeping our community safe by doing the following:

? Washing your hands or using hand sanitiser before and after class.

? Coughing etiquette: cover your sneeze or cough with your elbow or with a tissue (and dispose of it immediately).
Please avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. It is important to do so even if you feel well and are not showing any symptoms.

? Refraining from close contact with anyone during class (recommended 1-1.5M distance)

? Staying at home if you are feeling unwell.

We will be closely monitoring and following all advice from the Department of Health. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call us on 03 9525 3073, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

Goat skin care tips

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Goats aren’t goats I hear you say!

Ever had a drum or skin that carries its own particular odour (Eau de chevre)?
Some goat and cow skins can have a little more odour than others. Thicker, male goat skins especially tend to carry more pheromones which trap odour in the hair follicles. This smell can stay around even when the hair is taken off the goat.

The good news is there is a way to prevent this “eau de chevre” making its way onto your drum, but you really need to get onto it early, before the skin is mounted.

The best way to remove any odour is to wash the skins well before mounting them on your drum.
Adding some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or mild bleach to the water when you soak the skin is a great start. Then scrub the skin with laundry (or even dish-washing) detergent once is has soaked.

You’ll find this should bring your goat back to smelling fresh and ready to mount on your drum.
If you have a drum that has a slightly tangy smell to it, we recommend a healthy dose of hot sun and a couple of drops of essential oil (peppermint or eucalyptus) rubbed onto a rage and then the surface of the drum

More bass for her buck ?

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Meet Yolanda. She’s a singer, songwriter who’s looking for more bass in her band, and so we hooked her up with a beautiful booming djembe from Ghana. She also picked up a huge XXXL calabash which will go down beautifully at her Kirtan events.

Check out her page here and get along to support more awesome local Melbourne artists.

View our Ghana djembe range here

View our Calabash here

Come back anytime! ?

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Brett Pirritu Wiliyamu Yulii dropped into the store just before Christmas to pick up this cracking Djala wood djembe. Our in house drum makers Simone and Ginga added the final touches and chose the rasta roping. Good luck with your musical projects this year Brett, come back anytime!

Djala is a very popular and attractive djembe hardwood, producing strong sounds. It is most commonly a rich, dark red colour when sanded and finished.

Check out our full range of djembes here


Go in the draw to win a drum and help save Victorian wildlife!

Go in the draw to win a drum and help save Victorian wildlife!

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We’re all aware of the devastation the wildfires have caused across Australia and our hearts are breaking! We’re feeling incredibly helpless here at African Drumming so we’ve decided to start a go fund me campaign, raising funds for Wildlife Victoria, an amazing not-for-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates our beautiful Victorian wildlife – our Victorian animals need help too!

We are donating Joey – a master series djembe from Mali, West Africa for this cause. Every person who donates via our campaign will go in the running to win this beautiful handmade drum.

Donate as many times as you like (big or small, every donation counts!) and make sure your donation is visible to us (the organiser) so we can enter you in the draw.

The winner will be drawn on Friday January 17th 2020.

All donations will go directly to WILDLIFE RESCUE AND REHABILITATION FUND.

Donate today for your chance to win a master series djembe and help our beautiful, innocent wildlife.


Forest Regeneration going strong! ?

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Did you know that every drum purchase made at African Drumming goes towards the growth of a new sapling in Ghana, West Africa? That’s right! Every time you buy an African drum from us your purchase will help foster our forest regeneration project with our partners Denyigba Lorlor. Our friends have been busy these past few months nurturing mahogany trees to maturity and embarking on a new Coconut tree project. We’re so over the moon to hear that our project in Ghana is going so well!

Denyigba Lorlor also works with Dream Big Ghana, a similar minded NGO focused on improving sanitation and education in Ghana. 


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