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Instrument Highlight : The Kora

By July 5, 2023Blog

The Kora

Our professional kora instruments are the product of high-quality contemporary workmanship paying respect to traditional West-African construction.

How beautiful is this Kora and Talking Drum jam from Mo and Simon 🪘

🎶  The playing style resembles the finger picking of a blues guitar.
🎶 Strings placement allows for playing chords and harmonies along with fast melodic runs.
🎶 To make these wonderful instruments, huge Guinean calabash gourds are skinned with African cow hide to serve as the heart.
🎶 Premium hardwood is meticulously hand-carved to form the necks, bridges and handles.
🎶  The twenty-one strings are made from competition-grade, ultra low-stretch, monofilament line.

Available in sizes from medium to extra large, each Kora is unique – a truely special instrument.