Online Enduro Djembe Class Ticket

AU $20.00

Next date TBC. When you purchase, you will receive a downloadable ticket with the Zoom meeting ID.

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More Details

Get a recording of previous Enduro Djembe sessions here

Upcoming class: TBC
Catered for Intermediate and Advanced level students
Duration: 60 minutes
Teachers: Simon Fraser (lead) and Michael Naude (support)

Cost: $20 per class
Welcome to our online Enduro djembe class. Musical fitness for the body and mind!
Focus your mind, open your ears and relax your body – a non-stop rhythmic ride is about to begin!
Enduro Djembe is an uninterrupted journey designed to improve your listening skills and strengthen your sounds, stamina and solo repertoire. We begin with technique and build into a steady groove, layering solo phrases until the final crescendo one hour later.

BYO: Djembe


Simply download ZOOM, create a free account, and start the test to check that your audio and video both work.

Testing audio and video

Desktop, laptop or ipad

If you are having issues, you may need to update your webcam drivers. Once you’re logged in, follow these instructions to optimise your Audio for our sessions.
Click the Settings cog in the top right corner of the app’s home screen
Open the Audio tab and click the Advanced button at the bottom right. This will bring up three Audio Processing Options.
There are two background noise suppression options (persistent and intermittent), please disable both of them.
There is one other option: Echo Cancellation. This should be set to Audio.

 Mobile device

Before your online class, go into your Zoom app on your smart phone and click on the settings cog at the bottom right of the screen.
Click on Meetings.
Make sure your microphone is always turned on and your video is always turned on.


Simon has been drumming his heart out all his life. Starting with plastic drum-kits and pots and pans as a kid and then graduating to a drum kit, he’s played many styles of music and found his passion in West African rhythms. Annual trips to West Africa since the mid 1990’s have seen him collaborate with some of the regions’ great percussionists. Simon returns to the region every year in search of new music, running a Tour to Africa. His love and knowledge of rhythm translates to his teaching where he focuses on tapping into your creativity, dexterity, honoring tradition and having fun.

Born in Zimbabwe, Mike began his musical life with the rhythms of Southern Africa, practicing a variety of musical disciplines since 1998. In 2015 his passion drifted westward to discover the djembe, and intensified when he moved to Melbourne and continued his learning under Simon Fraser and Bassidi Koné. He regularly performs with fiery ensemble Dunu Teké and spends his practice time developing his understanding of West African rhythm. He believes that music is inside each of us – it’s just a matter of learning how to speak its language.