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Drumming makes you feel GOOD!

If you drum then you know how GREAT it feels! It’s great to have far reaching evidence on how this music is healing and uplifting souls from all walks of life We enjoyed this article: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/6-ways-drumming-heals-body-mind-and-soul  

Tribalism Is Back In St Kilda! Friday September 19


Tribalism! Friday September 19! Really excited to be bringing the music to back to St Kilda, this cycle’s event happening at Metrapol Bar! We’ll be kicking things off at 8:00pm sharp so bring your dancing shoes, and djembe of course. Don’t forget the big end to the night… ALL IN JAM too!It’s going to be HUGE!


12-8 Bell Pattern Exer

  We have been working hard on our 12/8 bell patterns in the St Kilda Advanced class recently and it’s really coming together! Using our feet to feel the 6 pulse and playing 5 different bell patterns over the top, then combining them all musically; there is something different about a polyrhythmic Agogo Bell orchestra! […]

2014 Rhythm Bible & Instructional Pack!


Have you read your Bible lately? Where is your faith?Firmly in the doctrine of the djembe I hope!Check out our latest edition of our Rhythm Bible ( and CDs) with 25 awesome arrangements, exercises for dexterity and rhythm power; years of material to grow your playing! Get the Bible here: https://www.africandrumming.com.au/cart/rhythm-bible/ And the Full Pack here: https://www.africandrumming.com.au/cart/african-drumming-instructional-pack/

West African Stories: Senegal 2003

Soruba Drummers

This 3 month trip took me to Les Nez de Afrique or Africa’s most Western tip – Senegal I was privileged to stay with Bouly Sonko (Director of the National Ballet) and his family. Surrounded by musicians and dancers i soaked up the nuances of their music True to the local styles i took up […]

West African Stories: Bobo

Bobo Dialasso

Bobo is a special place – it’s one of my favourite places in all of West Africa. I’d bet it has the highest concentration of musicians of any place in the world; talent literally seems to be growing on trees! I stayed in Bobo for 3 months, living with a group of musicians in a […]