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By August 27, 2014Blog

12-8 Bell Pattern Exer


We have been working hard on our 12/8 bell patterns in the St Kilda Advanced class recently and it’s really coming together!

Using our feet to feel the 6 pulse and playing 5 different bell patterns over the top, then combining them all musically; there is something different about a polyrhythmic Agogo Bell orchestra!

One of the key foundation points is being able to feel the offbeat in our body whilst we walk the downbeat (pulse.) Harder than it sounds but over time our bodies relax into it, and two distinct pulses can be felt internally. Counting 1+2+3+4+5+6+ will help, and going SLOW to start is paramount. If we can feel these contrasting rhythms internally then we are much closer to being able to use them in our drumming. One can explore and execute more sophisticated timing structures and solos, wonderful huh?

Next challenge is to add some vocalisation (chant and song) to the mix; polyrhythmic fun and games with a musical twist!

Getting dexterous and ironing out the rhythmic gristle that binds up our bodies = more freedom for the body and mind.

If you want more, come and study dexterity with me next week!

– Simon.

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