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West African Stories: The Road to Kankan (May 2002)

By September 17, 2013Blog

Following a deep immersion in Bambara rhythms c/o of a one month stint in the dusty sprawls of Bamako, it was time to say goodbye to my friends Abu Kora and Jean Michael from Canada and turn south to embrace the fire of Guinea’s Malinke music. Problem was, my car wasn’t up to the strains of the epic dirt track ahead… so in true African style I decided to “Pimp my ride” and install some XL shockers in the rear. 23hrs, 9 bribes and 374km later i made it to the township of Kankan: heart of Malinke music where mangos grow the size of pineapples. The hospitality was as warm as the weather and the dununs were asymmetric and scarred from years of playing on the humid streets

– Simon

Fraz & Kora