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Relax With Our New Himalayan Healing Range

By September 28, 2021Blog
New sound healing instruments from Nepal. Perfect for meditation and therapy.

Tap into a state of mindfulness and meditation with our brand new range of healing instruments. Each item is handmade in Nepal.

Singing Bowls
Available in classic and decorated options, these bowls are here to guide you into deep meditation.
Comes complete with a cushion and striker.

Ceremonial Gongs
Boasting many layers of reverb, these traditional gongs are hand hammered from fine German Silver.

Each gong comes with a heavy mallet.

Meditation Bells
Instrumental in tantric Buddhism, the Vajra meditation bell represents wisdom, compassion and enlightenment.

Available in medium and large.

Tingsha Cymbals
Made of thick 100% brass, these instruments create a beautifully clear, high-pitched sound when struck together.

Multiple pairs can be played together for a fuller sound.

Sound therapy is built on the idea that our brains and bodies operate on various specific frequencies in order to grow, consolidate information, and heal. We can create sound vibrations at similar frequencies to those our brains use to encourage those beneficial states of being. Similar to meditation, we are trying to teach our brains to access those healing frequencies using a traditional and authentic method. Sound healing comes with many benefits, from an improved mood to better sleep patterns.

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