All of our African hand drums are covered under our 5 Month Graduated Warranty – this includes all djembes, dunun and kpalago.

Every skin has its day and will eventually break or pop.  The life-span of each skin is unique; some last for 8 months, others 4 years. If a skin is going to go prematurely (usually owing to a skin imperfection that is not readily detectable) it will happen in the first 5 months. With this in mind, we provide a warranty on all of our drums, excluding pre-loved, to protect you as a customer.

If skin breakage occurs within:

0-1 MONTHS: 100% Repair Coverage + African Drumming pays return post
1-2 MONTHS: 75% Repair Coverage + Customer pays all post
2-5 MONTHS: 50% Repair Coverage + Customer pays all post

Quick Tips

Keep your drum away from harsh, humid conditions, direct sunlight and places without ventilation, such as the boot of a car. Don’t tune too much too soon.

The African Drumming Guarantee

Drumming is our passion. We value the drums we craft and the customers who buy them – it’s what our business is centred around.

Beyond our warranty, we’re only happy when you’re happy. If there is anything amiss with your drum then we are only a call or an email away.
We can always make it right!