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Premium Australian cow hides, with hair on. One hide will generally skin a full standard-sized set of dunun. These hides are thick and durable for long-life, and once broken in will boom with rich and full sound.

Suitable for: Dunun, conga, bougarabou

For bulk orders, please contact us.
Please note: We send our Cow skins folded to meet Australia Post guidelines.
If you don’t want the skin folded, please contact us for a courier quote

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A quick guide to choosing the right skin:

  • Thinner skins tend to be brighter and easier to tune to a higher pitch. Good for a bright kenkeni
  • Medium skins are well balanced. Good for kenkeni or sangban
  • Thick skins are very deep and warm. They take longer to play in, but once settled they have a beautiful melodic quality. Good for sangban and dununba

Remember, skin thickness varies across a hide. Usually you can find appropriate thicknesses for all duns in one hide if you look in the right places.

We always take extra care in choosing skins that are free from faults and will go the distance on your drum.
Please understand however that as a natural product from the wild, we can never pick up 100% of the inherent defects as they can be invisible to the naked eye. Check out our skins warranty here, and scroll down to “Skins purchased from African Drumming.

Learm more about our cow skins in this video:

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