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HUMANS of DJEMBE Part 7 – Michael Bo’azz (WA)

By March 29, 2016Blog

humans of djembe 7

“Before buying a drum kit at the age of 16, I first asked my mum if I could have a bongo drum, not knowing that what I really wanted was a djembe! I’d heard and seen these drums around and thought it would be pretty cool to have something to take to jams and out camping with my friends. A set of Remo bongos was not what I was expecting as my Christmas present that year but I definitely made use of them straight away! It wasn’t until I moved up to Fremantle (near Perth, WA) and started meeting a lot of other percussionists that I started to get more exposed to the djembe world. I bought my first djembe at the age of 19. In my formative years, I played, performing and doing workshops around the state with a band called Deredjeff Dubar (the organisation of Village Vibes). My technique developed as I met players from around the world including some great musicians from Ghana and Senegal. Roughly 20 years since I first tried the djembe, my passion only grows stronger and stronger for the instrument. The djembe makes up a small part of my income as a full time, freelance performer and teacher of music. I’m so grateful to the djembe for bringing me so much satisfaction, for introducing me to so many great people and for even helping me to pay my bills! My love for the instrument is demonstrated through a thirst for learning and by passing on the skills and knowledge to others where possible. My goal at the moment is to continue my studies with more travel, especially to learn with Famoudou Konate who is my personal favourite Djembe Master