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HUMANS of DJEMBE – Part 6 – Dunun Dan!

By March 22, 2016Blog

“As a live music enthusiast I attended “The Police” concert when I was 15 years old. Watching Stewart Copeland on drums and percussion was so inspiring – I told my mum I wanted to play the drums. Her response was “Girls don’t play drums” and that was that!
So when my daughter Sammy at the age of 5 expressed an interest in drumming, I immediately bought her a drum kit. She is a female kit player!
As an adult it was my turn to pursue my dream and learn to play the drums, so I began the journey of Djembe and Dun classes with African Drumming.
With feet firmly planted on the ground, sticks in hand and a strong sense of timing, I belonged to the duns.
Having dyslexia made training challenging therefore “repetition” became my mantra. Little did I realise with all this repetition I was also creating new neural pathways in my brain that was helping my dyslexia, (drumming and brain benefits are now backed up by evidence based research). I soon found my groove and after training in West Africa I was given the name ”Muso DunDun Fola” (Female Dun Player)
Surrounded by an inspiring community and with the opportunity to study under great teachers, I am smiling from the inside out.
And who helps me sew my costumes for performances………my mum!”