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HUMANS OF DJEMBE – Part 47 – MAMA LYNN ( Brisbane)

By January 4, 2017Blog

” Every time a drum sounds, the world pulsates, a child is born , joy erupts, pain is felt….a heart beats’..humans-of-djembe-47

I heard this 20 years ago when I began my drumming journey. It resonated with me and meeting Simon and travelling to Ghana with him changed my life. I loved being immersed in the culture and the music , made many lifelong friends and the Djembe and Douns became family.

This trip led to several more to Ghana where I travelled with World Vision, and eventually lived there for 14 months . I taught carers Early Childhood practices and received a grant from UNICEF to produce a series of 40 teaching videos for a large orphanage .

But it was the music, the drums, the dance that filled my heart and soul.. the teachers, Adama and Madou, But in particular Simon who allowed me to feel safe and supported in this environment. His tours are amazing.

I have since used the drums as a teaching opportunity and experience in my Early Learning Schools. I will be forever grateful for the journey. .. as the Africans named me.. Blessings. Mama Lynn”