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By January 4, 2017Blog


“The first time I saw African drumming was at a workshop at Rainbow Serpent festival ten years ago. I’d never seen anything like it and instantly wanted to learn, thinking wow, wouldn’t it be great to play in a band at festivals, never dreaming that two years later that’s exactly what I’d be doing!

Six weeks later and I was having lessons on djembe and decided nine months after that to travel to Ghana in West Africa to do a four week study intensive. That is where I had my first lesson on duns and immediately knew we belonged together ?

For eight years now my band Rhythm Arkadia has been playing at festivals all over Victoria and what a magical and exciting journey it has been. Never having had a creative outlet before then, drumming has put me in touch with my soul, spirituality and community, something I had never realised was lacking in my life ? I now own crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and offer intuitive sound healing collaborations.

If you are feeling the call to the drum, follow it, it will lead you to amazing places
Thank you Simon for being such an inspiration and my favourite teacher”