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By November 2, 2016Blog

humans-of-djembe-34“From an early age, I was drawn deeply into music and especially the rhythm driven by the drumbeats that were played throughout the 70’s. My body was driven to movement, mimicking the drum beats, and found myself dancing spontaneously to music, where-ever I was standing or sitting.

In my 30s I moved to St Kilda and came across Voyeu Rhythmic, full of African percussion, and was able for the first time learn how to hold and then later play African rhythms on a Djembe Drum. Wow.

As it worked out, through these inspirational drumming classes, I left with several other students and Simon to Ghana, West Africa for one month for intensive learning of full on drum & dance classes every day, including performances shared by the Ga people, on many occasions of evening.
Didn’t take long for the Djembe to weave its magic into every fibre within my body, growing like an internal to external extension of myself. What an exhilarating feeling gained in life. I am forever grateful for the inner resonance the Djembe has given me & shares with me everyday that I chose”