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By October 26, 2016Blog

humans-of-djembe-33” The fact that drumming and dance is an eternal gift in our family, my passion for drumming developed when I always witnessed my uncle “Odai Nmai” practice drumming and singing happily at the same time and nodding along which signifies great joy.

I decided to fall within drumming lineage by joining the Kusun Ensemble at the age of 11, keeping the musical timing for 2 years from 2003 to 2005. My uncle then introduced me to “Nokoyedzen” Cultural Group now known as Salaka Dance Ensemble. I took up from there as a dancer since I was the only young boy among the members. I enjoyed dancing for a year and grabbed the opportunity to be trained as the master drummer for the Junior Salaka Ensemble. King Mo gave enough of what I needed to as a drummer then I looked up to Tuza Afutu as my role model and started learning his djembe techniques and feel.

After some years I was given the chance to join Salaka, where I played with masters and improve my drumming skills. With drumming I had the opportunity to join the teachers of Ekome Tours as Beginners’ Teacher. I love drumming and my dream is to impart onto others worldwide what drumming feels like. It’s so AMAZING!”