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How to choose a Handpan!

By October 6, 2021Blog
Handpan, perfect for sound healing, mindfulness and meditation.

When it comes to choosing a handpan, there are several factors to consider. Do you want a handpan that will work better solo or alongside other instruments? Do you prefer a moody, melancholy sound, or a bright, warm one?

We’ve created this guide to help you find the perfect one!

The handpan is a new and mysterious instrument, distantly related in principle to the steelpan of Trinidad and Tobago, but inspired in sound by the Hang instrument from Switzerland. Played by hand, rather than sticks or mallets, the handpan has a rich, intimate sound, full of emotion. There is no specific technique or style in the art of playing a handpan. A player with patience and an open mind will be rewarded with deep layers of complexity to explore.

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