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There’s an article written about us!!!

By July 28, 2021Blog

Dr Dawn Joseph came across some fascinating findings when she visited our spring drum retreat in 2019, which launched a deeper investigation into the power of West African drumming.

Below are a few of our favourite points from the article:

  1. African Drumming builds bridges and begins dialogues, allowing for a better understanding of the people, customs and music in Africa.
  2. There is a deep sense of belonging in the drumming community, being part of something intangible and ancient.
  3. Drumming fosters a sense of connection and community with others and offers time away from normality and technology.

The article is a powerful summary of our goals and values here at African Drumming. We strongly believe in educating the community in an authentic and genuine way, and take pride in building a strong and supportive community.

Visit the link here to read the full article

The power of West African drumming.