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Reconnect with the Djembe

By May 26, 2021Blog

Feeling a little disconnected from both yourself and Mother Earth lately? Drumming has been proven to help people reconnect in very powerful ways. The beautiful Djembe dates back hundreds of years from West Africa, and the creation of these drums was a very spiritual process. It is said that the playing of these drums and creating a beat allows us to focus more internally. The beat helps our brains to slow down and reconnect with our own physical rhythm. It also helps us to tune into the rhythms of the earth and keeps us more grounded. Even playing the djembe with others can help us reconnect with our community and allow us to feel a stronger sense of belonging.

It is super easy for anyone to learn how to play the Djembe. Even a simple beat can have amazing effects on our health and wellbeing. Our drums are made with the utmost love and care, and the highest quality. They are all beautifully crafted, and when not being played make a great ornamental piece in your house.

Check out our range of Djembes now, and feel more connected to the rhythms of the universe!