Giant Harmonic Chime – 8 Bar – Crest

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Exceptionally crafted extra large chime set for the ultimate sound bath and full body & mind healing experience. The resonant, long sustain on each chime is magic.
Align your physical and emotional state with these soothing, pure tonal Chimes that resonate at C256 Hertz.
Ideal for a sound healing space where the chimes can be hung or mounted.

Comes with a hanging chord and striker.

Watch these chimes in action below >>

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More Details

Our Giant Harmonic Himes resonate at intonation Shruti tunings of C 256 Hertz. The Chimes can be swung gently, rotated, traversed, looped, swayed around and over the body to create an immediately “touching“ experience of the magic of a spherical sound in its layered consistency and its wholesome harmonizing effect.

Materials: Aluminium Alloy
Dimensions: 91cm width x 63cm height x 4cm diameter tube
Svaram name: Circle


We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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