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Finding it hard to tune your djembe? Get some tension into your drum with our custom designed Tuning Bars, made from reinforced alloy. It makes tuning your drum easy while protecting your hands from rope burn. Great for djembes of all sizes.

Note: We recommend our Tuning Bars for putting additional knots (horizontal weave) into your drum.
We do not recommend this bar for cranking the verticals on your drum (dry pull).
Pulling verticals on your drum requires a lot more pressure and may bend the tuning bar out of shape, especially on djembes with thicker skins. Need to crank your verticals? Try the improved Cranking Bar!

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  1. admin

    As Reviewed by Michi on DjembeFola

    “The bar is made of cleanly-welded steel, with black powder coating. Length is 60 cm (23.5 inches), which is a good size: not too long to become cumbersome, but long enough to get decent leverage. Despite its size and strength (this baby is seriously strong), weight is only 750 g (1.65 lb), so you don’t have to struggle with the weight of the tool while using it.

    The hook and cleat are mounted at just the right position to engage the verticals, and the steel edges of the hook are nicely rounded so the hook does not damage the rope. The cleat is attached with locknuts, so it won’t loosen over time.

    I built both a djembe and a kenkeni using this bar, and it got the job done quickly and efficiently. The rubber caps prevent damage to the drum and make it much less likely for the bar to slip as you apply tension.

    My only slight gripe is the nylon cleat (Clamcleat CL205), which doesn’t engage on the verticals quite as firmly as an aluminium cleat. Usually, this is an issue only with tightly-packed rope with little give, such as rope with a Spectra or Vectran core. With polyester rope, I had no problems getting the cleat to engage properly. Even so, after providing this feedback, I’m told that the release model will have a CL222 cleat, which is identical, but made of aluminium, so that’s no longer a concern. (The ridges on aluminium cleats engage better and don’t blunt as quickly.)

    Overall, this is a nice and well-designed tool. I won’t throw away my pulling stand just yet but, if you re-head drums only occasionally, this is worth having (and much cheaper and smaller than a pulling stand). And the bar works great for dunduns, which you can’t put on many models of pulling stand.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t get any payment or other incentive for writing this review. I just know the guys at African Drumming as a bunch of dedicated djembe enthusiasts, and when they asked me to try out their new bar, I said “sure, why not?” I’ve just sent the bar on to a drum maker in Townsville, who’ll be putting it through its paces next. Expect to see this bar pop up on the African Drumming website soon!


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