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10″ Kpanlogo – Hewale

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Quintessential instrument of the Ga people from Ghana!
Lighter weight Kpanlogo drum with traditional “Sankofa” design carvings.
Skinned with a medium cow for solo phrasing – the tone is a mid/high range note.

Country: Ghana  //  Timber: Twenaboa
Diameter: 10″  //  Height: 64cm // Weight: 6.5kg

Watch this drum in Video action below >>

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Kpanlogo drums are traditional musical instruments originating from Ghana, specifically associated with the Ga people of the Greater Accra Region. Here are some key points about Kpanlogo drums:

  1. Cultural Significance: Kpanlogo drums are integral to Kpanlogo music and dance, which emerged in the 1960s as a form of urban youth music. The genre combines traditional rhythms with influences from highlife and other contemporary styles.
  2. Construction: These drums are typically carved from a single piece of wood, often tweneboa (a type of hardwood), and feature a cylindrical shape. The drumhead is made from animal skin, such as goat or antelope, which is stretched and fastened with pegs or ropes.
  3. Playing Technique: Kpanlogo drums are played with the hands, using various techniques to produce different tones. Drummers use a combination of open, muted, and bass strokes to create intricate rhythms.
  4. Ensemble: In a traditional Kpanlogo ensemble, the drums are often accompanied by other percussion instruments like bells and shakers, as well as vocals and dancing. The drum ensemble usually includes lead and supporting drums, with the lead drummer guiding the rhythm and tempo.
  5. Performance Context: Kpanlogo music and dance are performed at social gatherings, celebrations, festivals, and other communal events. The lively and energetic nature of Kpanlogo makes it popular for entertainment and cultural expression.
  6. Rhythmic Patterns: The rhythms played on Kpanlogo drums are characterized by their polyrhythmic structure, with interlocking patterns that create a complex and dynamic sound.

Kpanlogo drums are not only musical instruments but also cultural symbols that reflect the heritage and traditions of the Ga people in Ghana.


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