Ewe Drum Set

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Traditional Ewe Set with antelope hide. Scroll down to see it in action!

Country: Ghana  //  Wood: Twenaboa
Sogo –  Diameter: 10″ / Height: 61cm / Weight: 7.8kg
Atsimevu – Diameter: 10″ / Height: 136cm” / Weight: 18.9kg
Kaganu – Diameter 6″ / Height: 56cm / Weight: 2.3kg
Kloboto – Diameter: 10″ / Height: 46cm / Weight: 4kg
Kidi – Diameter: 8″ / Height: 56cm / Weight: 5kg

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Ewe drumming is very diverse and is played in many slightly different ways. For example, an Ewe musician from Togo may play a piece or instrument slightly differently from the way a Ewe from Ghana does. The Fon people of Benin are another example of this variation. They construct their villages, towns, and cities on water, and because of this, they do not play the same upright drums other Ewe play. Instead, they place large gourds on water as drums.

For more information on Ewe drumming, be sure to check out John Miller Chernoff’s book African Rhythm and African Sensibility: Aesthetics and Social Action in African Musical Idioms.