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Kids Gathering Drum

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Come and play drums in unison together with our XL Gathering Drum
Colourful and vibrant with a durable Remo Skyndeep head that allows for hands, sticks or mallet playing.
Perfect for developing teamwork amongst groups of young drummers or in classroom drumming settings
Comes with set of soft tip mallets.

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The Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum produces a big, fun sound. Featuring an Acousticon® shell, a pre-tuned Skyndeep® drumhead, and a vibrant Rainforest finish, the Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum can be played with hands, mallets or sticks. Ideal for group drumming in a classroom setting, the Kids Percussion® Gathering Drum is an important part of the percussion family of rhythm instruments and playfully introduces children to the basic building block of all music, which is rhythm.
Designed for children to sit (or kneel) around and play in unison
22″ head size x 8″ deep

We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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