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New instrument – The Seperewa

Introducing a new instrument in our range called the Seperewa 🎶 This 12 string seperewa was hand made in Ghana from a resonating calabash, goat skin, wood and with nylon strings which produce a mellow, bluesy sound. It has well made guitar tuning keys too for easy adjustable tuning. The Seperewa, also known as Sanku, is a Ghanaian harp-lute.

Dating back to at least the 17th century, when the newly established Ashanti Empire integrated elements of its predecessor state Bonoman into its musical culture. King Osei Tutu, the mythical founder of the Ashanti empire, was said to have loved the instrument so much that his successor Opoku Ware ordered a replica of it to be made in his memory. It was wrapped in gold leaves, and placed among the items of the Golden Stool, which Osei Tutu named the soul of the Ashanti nationThe Seperewa was used to entertain kings, and was also played at palm wine bars and at funerals.

Features of the seperewa:

🎵 100% handcrafted in Ghana by the master strings instrument maker Louis Afriki

🎵 12 stringed box resonator with soulful sounds emanating from the ancient Ashanti Empire

🎵 Mansonia wood neck

🎵 Khadi wood handles, bridge and bridge plate and the darker wooden bridge plate is made of ebony

🎵 Sound box is  high quality plywood from recycled cargo box

🎵 Bamboo string support pins

🎵 Water based satin finish to seal the wood.

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